The Pump Shop at MME
1228 South Eighth Street
St. Louis, Missouri 63104
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About The Pump Shop at MME

MME’s Two Divisions = Synergy for Success

Missouri Machinery & Engineering Co. was founded in 1927 as a service company for pumps. By 1971, the business had evolved into a sales and service company for many makes of pumps, motors and controls. In succeeding decades, The Pump Shop at MME expanded its focus to include the sale of a wide variety of makes of pumps, motors and controls, and earned a reputation for unsurpassed client service.

Today, Missouri Machinery & Engineering offers two divisions: The Pump Shop at MME and Hydro Dramatics, which is known worldwide for its work on architectural fountains and water features. With complementary expertise (over 250 “people-years” of experience) and extensive on-site fabrication, design and maintenance facilities including a sophisticated CAD system, MME’s two divisions can handle the entire spectrum of fluid distribution needs. This synergy assures you of superior solutions to your water design needs.

The Pump Shop at MME staff has the expertise to handle everything from design fabrication to engineered package systems. Our experienced engineers use the latest technology in CAD systems and provide technical assistance to your design engineer or architect. Our staff of mechanical and manufacturing engineers offers extensive, hands-on experience in the design, construction and servicing of custom fluid distribution systems. We maintain the highest quality of engineering standards and provide full services to booster stations, buildings, chemical processes, heating and cooling systems, fountains, irrigation, industrial applications, sewage plants and water treatment facilities.