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Project Portfolio

Earth City Levee District

The 2.6-mile-long Earth City, Mo., levee was completed in September 1972. This 500-year, earthen levee protects an 8,891-acre district from Missouri River flooding.  A vital component of the levee’s flood control system is a pump station and discharge structure, which initially contained three pumps, each capable of discharging 22,500 gallons-per-minute.

Early in the Earth City Levee District’s pump station history, The Pump Shop at MME was called on to design, build and install a remote monitoring system and repair the pumping system as necessary.  After the heavy flooding that occurred in the 1990s—including the May 1995 flood in which heavy rains occurred in a short time—the levee district called on The Pump Shop at MME to install a 45,000 gallon-per-minute standby pump.  The diesel-operated, fully automated pump was successfully installed in 2000, and The Pump Shop at MME continues to perform monthly preventive maintenance on all pumps at the site.