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What Our Clients Say

"Whenever we have needed a quick turnaround with a new/repaired pump, we knew we could count on Missouri Machinery & Engineering Co. to give prompt delivery and service.  Our success with Missouri Machinery & Engineering Co. has extended our relationship to include annual maintenance agreements for the repair of submersible and turbine pumps."
—Dale Klohr, District Engineer, Illinois Department of Transportation

“Missouri Machinery & Engineering Co. has been an excellent resource for pump parts repair and replacement for AmerenUE’s Labadie Plant. Throughout my 10-year association with them, they have supported us by rebuilding our vertical turbine waste water system pumps. They worked with the pump supplier to redesign the bottom end on these pumps to handle the increased static head experienced because of changes in the discharge location.
Missouri Machinery has redesigned and built 7,000-pound impeller cases and 3,400-pound suction bells for Labadie Plant’s 115,000 GPM circulating water system intake pumps. They have also repaired and re-machined pump columns for these 60-foot long vertical shaft pumps. They are consistently to spec, on time and low bid with their work. Our experience with them and their service has been excellent.”
—Mike Hanneken, Plant Engineer, AmerenUE Labadie Plant

”For many years Missouri Machinery & Engineering Co. has repaired and replaced water and wastewater pumps for the City of Bunker Hill, Illinois. Their complete service and machine shop capabilities have been a source of comfort in knowing we can serve our community with a minimum of interruption.”
—Chris Schlobohm, Plant Manager, Bunker Hill WWT Plant

“Missouri Machinery & Engineering Co. has been a quality and valued repair source for many years. They have repaired both large and small pumps with excellent quality services. Their knowledge of pumping applications and intimate understanding of pump design have made our relationship very productive.”
—Anthony J. Balestreri, Plant Engineer, Labadie Plant, Union Electric